Halloween Competition

πŸŽƒ Simply Click Print Out These Free Creepy Halloween Colouring Pages And Send Them Back To StormyRainbowParties@gmail.com Before 6th November πŸŽƒ

πŸŽƒ Simply Click On Any Of The Above Images Then Hold And Select “Download” (for android), Or Right Click and “Save As” (for windows), Or Click on image and “Save” (for Apple Mac), then simply save to memory card, SD card or other external device and bring to local library, or printing facility. Once the page is coloured /complete take a picture, selifie or screenshot and send it to StormyRainbowParties@gmail.com Before The Deadline the 6th November.

Not one bit tech savvy ? Don’t worry, simply send me an email stormyrainbow@gmail.com with the subject “Request A Colouring Page” and supply your eircode or an address along with a description of the colouring page that you want and we will post the page to your home address free of charge.

All entrants colourings will be uploaded to this web-page regardless of the competition results, so it’s a win win πŸŽƒ


One Oye


Mouth Wide Opened

Half Rotten Face

From The Crypts Horrors

πŸ‘» Competition Winners πŸ‘»

πŸ’€ Participants πŸ’€

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